Hybris at Battery Innovation Days 2023

On the 14th and 15th of November 2023 in Bordeaux, the third edition of the Battery and Innovation Days (BID2023) was held. The event gathered 1400 attendees (online and onsite), 60 speakers and moderators, and 25 exhibitors, it was a remarkable gathering that showcased the growing momentum of the European battery R&I topic.

The Battery Innovation Days serves as a premier platform for dialogue among the research community, policy makers, industry players, and end-users, driving the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in battery materials, cell design, manufacturing, and recycling. A dialogue that is very much needed as stressed by Johan Blondelle, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG RTD. “BID is very relevant as it brings stakeholders together, it provides an excellent opportunity to seek synergies between what is happening in the different funding schemes, at national and international level. But it is more than just that, it also covers the policy aspect and provides a bigger picture. From that perspective, it occupies a unique space among the other numerous battery events across the world.”.

Sustainable-by-design, safe, and recyclable by design were key approaches constantly mentioned, by means of strengthen collaboration between all stakeholders of the value chain, also in view of the Battery Passport. Batteries are crucial to the enabling of technology that will allow the EU to achieve its zero-emissions goals through a responsible and sustainable market.  Join us for 2 days of captivating dialogue among the research community, policymakers, industry players and end-users to boost battery research and innovation in Europe. BID aims to increase knowledge and encourage exchange around the deployment of cutting-edge technologies in battery materials, cell design, manufacturing and recycling. 

HYBRIS project participated on the BID as a Roll-up exhibitor, promoting a new generation of battery-based hybrid storage solution based on using the best energy storage technologies available merging a novel advance Battery Management System using power management systems and energy management system coupled with a digital battery twin. During two days, more than 1400 attendees, among them 350 onsite and over 1000 online had the opportunity to learn from 60 world-renowned experts about how we can foster a competitive and sustainable European battery value chain.

The key takeaway from this edition of the BIDs is that R&I, industrial development and regulatory updates all feed into each other, sometimes as intended (gigafactories as engines for R&I acceleration) and sometimes in ways that are unforeseen (production goals put into doubt by sustainability rules or CRM targets). Continuous interactions between the spheres of industry, R&I and policy are therefore crucial in establishing a competitive European value chain in Europe and the BIDs will be at the centre of this in the years to come.