Our technologies

Energy storage systems are a becoming a viable and sustainable solution in enhancing electric grid stability and supporting renewable energy use. ​

Energy Storage Systems have typically provided two basic services: power and energy. Up until recently, power applications were more cost-effective and these needs were being covered by more conventional battery technologies, like lead-acid and Li-ion. However, with the pressing need to integrate renewable energy resources into electrical grids, these battery technologies have shown to have limited design flexibility to customize the amount of power and energy capacity and have limited ability to decouple power from energy due to the operational characteristics of the technology and system architecture.

This is why Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS) have become an interesting approach to provide both energy and power intensive responses by combining and using (by proper management algorithms) the best performances offered by two or more storage technologies. Different types of battery technologies show performances suitable for providing multiple grid services such as peak demand response, frequency and voltage regulation, load-levelling, backup power, and balancing the effects of locally intermitent renewable sources (i.e. wind and solar). However, it is an accepted common concept that no ‘one size fit all’ solution is currently available, able to be the best one in a wide range of services and applications.

HESS Core Concept and Battery Technologies

We propose the combination of high power and fast response performant lithium ion battery based on LTO and an Aqueous Organic Redox Flow batteries, free of metals, as an environmentally friendly solution to be the energy supplier workhorse of this hybrid configuration.

Advanced Battery Management System and Power Electronics

Advanced Battery Management System (ABMS) is a diagnostic & prognostic solution for HESS health management supporting improved maintenance and optimal operation of the combination of ORF and Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Hybridisation: Optimal Sizing and System Integration

A set of technologies, tools and methods specifically designed for the integration of hybrid energy storage system. It includes the SHAD integration technology package, the Power management system and the optimal sizing and validation by HIL based Digital Twin.

High Level Control Integration and Use Case Application

Our innovative, cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) will centralise all the information and models to optimize how it handles bids and assets. This enables a faster, real operation and better storage technology selection.