Hybris 6th General Assembly in Sevilla

Hybris partners meet on the 12th and 13th for the 6th General Assembly in Seville to discuss advances and ways to improve the Hybris implementation plan. Now that the project is reaching an important milestone the technical discussions and needs from demo sites took most part of the meeting. The consortium agreed on the use cases that will be tested in the different demo sites and discussed on the internet connection needs, as well as data needs, data storage and its management. There was also time to explore in a Workshop the possibilities of exploitation of HESS container.

One of the most important question discussed during the meeting was: What happens after HYBRIS project? What are the options, not just for the container but also for the Hybris concept and solution. How are we going to pursue on the advantages of implementing such a technical solution? What are the commercialisation options?

A very important part of the meeting was the issues that concern the HESS container assembly, as this is the core of the project. We also discussed about its transportation to the demo sites and the order in which these activities have to be performed.

A visit to the facilities where it is based container on the last day of the meeting left the consortium with a clear idea of how this solution is to be implemented. Previously  the group had a technical discussion on HESS container assembly and how the space procured by this container can be used to the best interest for all components. Like every container it has limited space and all the components, including those for cooling the equipment in summer need to fit inside. Perhaps the cooling parts can be fitted outside, this has been thought as another option. It is, in a way, a special container as it has several access (opening doors) and not just one back door, as we are used to see, in that sense procuring access to it from all those openings, offering certain flexibility on the components placement. This also led to a technical discussion on HESS container assembly.

Now we are looking forward to further advances and the completion of the container assembly. 

In the meantime: seasonal greetings!