High Level Control & EMS / Replication

Our innovative, cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS) will centralise all the information and models to optimize the bids and assets handling. This enables a faster, real operation and better storage technology selection. By validating this overall high-level control in 3 different scenarios, the project will pave the way to optimize the HYBRIS system toward both power and energy applications targeting BTM and FTM segments.

The integrated innovative energy management system (EMS) is responsible of optimizing the bids and assets handling. The EMS will act as the management and concentrator of all the information data, models and optimizations. This novel EMS does not only manage the long term references (15-minute windows) but also focus on the short-term aiming to get closer to real-time (1 minute or second), which enables real operation and better storage technology selection. With this rapid response it will achieve wider market spectra. In addition, such EMS is cloud-based in order to reduce computational burden on local sites; however, some parts will be distributed taking advantage of edge computing, leading to the so called “Grid Edge Management”.

The EMS will act as central controller and orchestrator by communicating with the other control levels; making in the cloud the global optimization of the whole hybrid system. It receives the data from the ESS technology status (i.e. SoH, SoC, Temperature, etc), the local measurements from the Point of Common Coupling as well as weather forecasting and market bids; aiming to optimize the usage of each technology to extend its life-time. In addition, such setpoints are being validated by the PMS which also considers the local measurements and set technical restrictions to the power to be absorbed or delivered. HYBRIS not only works on hybridization of technologies but also on the advance on different control levels and time frame from miliseconds to minutes/hours (i.e. low-level to high-level). Such control and management algorithms include all required levels (i.e. ABMS, PMS, grid integration and EMS) for the optimal control and usage of the HESS technology and innovations.