Hybris ABMS (Advanced Battery Management System) solution implemented as SaaS software in the Cloud


Current Battery Management System (BMS) technologies are usually developed by the battery providers themselves, dedicated to a specific battery model reference and locally integrated within the battery hardware packaging. It generally induces unextendible computational resources and communication capabilities with low ability for functional evolution or complex models’ integration.

Advanced Battery Management System: a key innovation to optimize the operation and management of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

The Advanced BMS (ABMS) developed within the HYBRIS Project is implemented in a server in the Cloud. As a battery technology agnostic software used in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, it has a high level of flexibility to be interfaced with different ESS SCADA and EMS. It relies on BMS monitoring data collected through the local SCADA and analyses them to deliver valuable data to the EMS for battery optimal operation.

ABMS communication architecture developed for Hybris project.

HYBRIS demonstrators will benefit from ABMS Cloud software solution, running its services with real-time operation data and ensuring updated Key Performances Indicators (KPI) supply to the Energy Management System (EMS) in charge of the batteries solicitations dispatch. On the one hand, ABMS will provide a full diagnostic/prognostic assessment to enhance the maintenance and, on the other hand, it will provide updated models of each battery to allow an optimal management of the HESS with optimal dispatch of the power solicitations.

ABMS services are organized into four main categories:

  • ABMS solution diagnosis services, to follow up battery performances and BMS indicators quality assessment;
  • ABMS solution control services, to enhance battery system management and provide relevant KPIs for EMS optimal dispatch;
  • ABMS solution prognosis services, for prognosis of performances evolution to assess ageing impact;
  • ABMS solution update services, for fine-tuning of ABMS battery model parameters mapping.

One of the main advantages of the ABMS software solution is that it offers a high ability for functional evolution and can be customized for different battery technologies. Furthermore, updated models and parameters of ageing and performances allow ABMS solution being fully useful and accurate for the whole life of HESS.

User Interface / Dashboard

To facilitate data management and analysis, ABMS Cloud software solution includes a user interface in the form of a Grafana dashboard for graphic rendering of the main results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) computed by the ABMS services.

Grafana is popular for its user-friendly interface and ability to turn complex data into easy-to-understand visuals. Its customizable graphs, charts, and tables offer data’s real-time insights. It also provides a rich plugin ecosystem to extend functionality. As an illustration, the figure below shows an extract of the ABMS Grafana dashboard which has been developed for the Hybris project.

ABMS dashboard illustration.

In a nutshell, the ABMS software solution developed for Hybris project is an integrated system which not only streamlines the data collection process but also ensures that the collected and computed data is readily available, well-organized, and easy to interpret, ultimately supporting the monitoring and analysis objectives.