Toshiba batteries main features and optimization (Part III of III)

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Electrical Safety and Thermal Stability

The SCiB™ was initially developed for the electric vehicle market, combining the relatively high energy density of standard lithium-ion batteries with key safety, stability and reliability improvements. The SCiB™ has a structure that assures an extremely low incidence of internal short circuits.

Figure 11: SCiB™ performs well against short circuit

A high level of safety in preventing thermal runaway is assured even if an internal short circuit is forced as shown in Figure 12. A safety video demonstrating the performance of the SCiB™ when subjected to internal short circuit can be found here:

Figure 12: Crush test on SCiB™ cell to force a short circuit

The SCiB™ has an excellent thermal stability and do not experience thermal runaway like other battery chemistries as shown in Figure 13.

Figure 13: Comparison of thermal runway between SCiB™ and other batteries

Probability of Lithium Metal Deposition

Lithium plating can cause a metallic path to form through the separator and create a short circuit. However, there is no lithium metal deposition seen in the SCiB™ batteries because the electrochemical potential does not reach the deposition potential. This can be seen in Figure 14.

Figure 14:  No Lithium Metal Deposition seen in SCiB™


The SCiB™ is manufactured by Toshiba in a state of art facility in Kashiwazaki, Japan. As the battery manufacturer, we can ensure that the batteries are manufactured with the highest quality and reliability. Kashiwazaki facility as shown in Figure 15 is dedicated to the mass production of the SCiB™ and has the capability of producing over 1,000,000 cells a month. With the increasing demand in high quality batteries used in automotive and social infrastructure, Toshiba certainly has the cutting edge technology to meet the worlds’ demand.

Figure 15: Toshiba’s Kashiwazaki Facility dedicated to the mass production of high quality batteries

Toshiba uses its sophisticated semiconductor mass production technology in the manufacturing of the SCiB™. The production process is illustrated in Figure 16.

Figure 16: Production Process used to manufacture SCiB™

This production process ensures high quality product and a reliable production environment. The manufacturing facility features the following:

  • Low contamination: manufacturing of positive electrode and negative electrode is separated.
  • Dust control: manufacturing conditions is almost the same conditions as clean room.
  • Low moisture: super-dry environment of manufacturing process.
  • Quality Management: traceability manufacturing process.

Written by Fabio Muzio, from Toshiba

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