HYBRIS at Sustainable Places!!!

HYBRIS project participates at Sustainable Places workshop: Simulation for real time / AI enabled by Building Digital Twin Environments.

The workshop is conducted in a hybrid format, so you have no excuse not to attend.

Don’t miss it!

Venue: Université Côte d’Azur (I.A.E. Ecole Universitaire de Management), Campus Saint-Jean d’Angély, Room 2 1A46

Time: 9:00-10:30 CESC

The simulation working group (within the Building Digital Twin Association), promotes several simulation standards and SIMBOTS for use in building digital twins. To achieve better interoperability between software platforms and to reduce the cost of implementing these standards are necessary. Mathematical simulation is oriented to real-time and software-in-the-loop but is usable in all phases of the building: design, commissioning, or life cycle operation.

The participation of HYBRIS is significant. The partner Typhoon HIL/ will present and expose, from the HYBRIS project point of view, how it can be implemented.

For more information about the presentation and the workshop video, you can visit the website: BDT Simulation – Sustainable Places (SP)